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The Poster and Demos Track of IndiaHCI 2024 warmly invites students and professionals from various disciplines to collaborate in advancing Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) for positive social impact. 

The theme, HCI for Social Good encourages the presentation of initiatives, concepts, and ideas that utilize HCI to effect positive change in individual or collective well-being and quality of life, irrespective of scale or efficiency. Participants are encouraged to envision innovative ways in which HCI empowers individuals to bridge the gap between technology and business, thereby promoting well-being at both individual and societal levels. This platform provides an opportunity to showcase design skills and creativity through novel HCI solutions addressing societal challenges such as healthcare, disaster management, social justice, education, and good governance, thereby catalyzing progress towards a better future for diverse social groups.

The P&D track serves as a platform for participants to connect with students, design professionals, and academicians, offering an opportunity to expand networks and gain insights from others in the field. Join us on this journey towards societal betterment.

Important Dates

(All deadlines close at 23:59 IST)

Submission and Publication summary

Topics of relevance

We invite submissions of research papers spanning various areas of HCI and design, including, but not limited to:

Explore listed categories and beyond for your  submissions

Author Guidelines

Ensure you articulate the distinct contribution and originality of your work by addressing key questions:
What problem are you addressing?
How does your approach effectively tackle it?
What makes your approach superior to existing ones?
Acceptance of the submission may hinge on the significance of the problem or the novelty of your approach. Emphasize the contribution of your work over background information, including only enough background to highlight differences from prior research. Additionally, incorporate main graphical elements expected to appear on the poster.

Original images, videos, and voice recordings should be primarily used for all submissions. In cases where external content, such as photos, videos, sounds, or music, is incorporated with appropriate permission or under an open license, it must be credited to the source at the end of the submission, regardless of the format.

Review Process

Short papers and posters will undergo a double-blind peer-review process. Each submission will be reviewed by at least three independent experts in the relevant field who are not part of the review committee.

Any queries regarding the submissions to Posters and Demos Track should be directed to the track chairs - Dr. Amaltas Khan ( / Dr. Sajan Pillai (